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    chateau de meillant park

    The Château de Meillant is surrounded by 5 hectares in the heart of France, immerse yourself in the exceptional family history of the Chateau de Meillant which has lasted since over 1,000 years old.

    Discover this private castle with all the gems it contains. 


    Let's walk in the park

    The 5 hectares of the park are an incentive for daydreaming and relaxation; small bridges, rocks, green expanses punctuate the landscape; The murmurs of the water, the songs of birds, the rustling of the leaves, the thumping of carp in the water punctuate the walk.

    The park is a haven for wildlife; you can observe ducks, herons, squirrels and even a kingfisher if you are lucky on the day of your visit!  


    an English style poetic park

    Rare species in our country magnify the castle - their names are an invitation to travel: Virginia tulip tree, Lebanese cedar, redwood, American liquidambar, Louisiana cypress - just like the endemic species, the lime trees, the walnuts, the beeches, chestnut trees, hornbeams.


    All several hundred years old, they bear witness to the historical strength of the castle.


    Like the trees, other witnesses of history completely visit:

    the table of the 3 Lords, the ice house, the postern and the ruins of the old gallery of the castle. 

    Two itineraries are offered to discover the biodiversity of the castle: the tree route and the tracks route. 



    By combining the unexpected with the magic of childhood, Aimery de Mortemart, current owner, and Philippe Velu, architect, share with us their passion for history through the representation of miniature scenes.


    collection of carriages

    Within the confines of the old farmyard, come and discover the 19th century horse-drawn carriages used by the Mortemart family.



    Behind the castle, a private mansion dating from the 18th century houses the old stables. Located in the lower courtyard, you will appreciate the harmony and authenticity of the interior of the old castle saddlery which was once used to prepare horses for the crews.


    discover the park
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    family & children itineraries

    Itineraries designed for families will take you around the estate in a fun way. 

    "Stunning castle in a magnificent green setting. A pleasant surprise. Very informative guided tour. Highly recommended."
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